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Ritter teaches one- two- and three-day courses on Leveraging CPM Schedules for Successful, Litigation-free Projects. The length and design of a particular course will depend on the needs of those attending.

Ritter believes in a top-down approach to schedule utilization, and seeks top management commitment to these seminars.

This course focuses on detailed understanding and application of the CPM scheduling control tool as applied to development, design, construction, mitigation, and litigation of time-related issues.

This is a non-computer course. See CPM Computer Application for training with computer programs.

Included in the course:

  • Definition of scheduling process
  • Detailing of the return on investment in CPM Scheduling
  • The value of resource loading
  • How scheduling avoids or mitigates litigation
  • How scheduling aids in dispute defense (if all else fails)
  • Scheduling concepts, arguments, and explanations
  • Basic CPM calculations
  • Functions of the scheduler
  • Interfacing with subs and getting buy-in
  • How to leverage reports
  • How to make the best use of your scheduler

" I came away with a number of tools to streamline my previous processes for developing schedules with a better understanding of the ease of cost loading and resource loading and with new tools to assist with impact and as-built analysis. The documents provided will certainly prove to be a great resource in the future."

Glyn G. Slattery - Senior Project Manager
Lydig Construction, Inc.

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