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Ritter’s philosophy is to improve the industry by sharing tools and knowledge learned from experience. The white pages herein are to that end. Reproduction for internal use is permitted.

The findings within these discourses may change as Project Management continues its evolution.

Defining the Owner's Internal Role
The Role of the Board
User Groups(Coming Soon)
Decision Makers(Coming Soon)
The Administration
Tone and Momentum

When to Use an External Project Manager
Project Managers Make Life Easier on Everyone

Project Start-up Tools(Coming Soon)
Start-up Check List
Startegic Imperatives
Communication Standards

Building a Project Team(Coming Soon)
Request for Proposals
Design Team
Construction Team
Additional Consultants

Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan
Master Plan Myths

Project Delivery Methods(Coming Soon)
Stipulated Sum

Total Project Budgets(Coming Soon)
I Can Have a Guarateed Maximum Price
     Design Fees
Total Project(Owner's) Cost
Contingencies: Types and Uses
     Design Contingency
     Construction Contingency
     Owner's Contingency
     Programming Contingency
Total Budget Tracking
     Project Payouts: Where do I Stand?

Contracts: Who Do They Protect(Coming Soon)

Owner Friendly Design Contracts(Coming Soon)
Design Fees, Reimbursables and Additional Services
Errors and Omissions

Owner Friendly Construction Contracts
Pre-Construction Services

Owner Friendly Consultant Contracts(Coming Soon)

Critical Path Method Scheduling (CPM)
CPM and Resource Loading

Construction Process(Coming Soon)

Construction Administration(Coming Soon)
Designer's Role
     Designer's Requisition Review
     GCCM Requisition Review
Change Orders
     Errors & Ommissions
     Unknown Conditions
     Regulatory Changes
     Owner Generated Changes
Evaluated Cost & Time in a Change Order

Transistion & Occupancy(T&O)(Coming Soon)
What are T&O Services?
Why Do I Need Them?
When Should I Start?

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