Healthcare Projects delivered: Efficiently, Effectively and Expertly

Stanford Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA

RPMI has a learned expertise in hospital and healthcare facility project management. We deliver healthcare projects for Owners efficiently, effectively, and expertly. Why only hospitals? Hospitals are unique in that the owners are not experienced developers, the projects are designed to fit the community needs and as such cannot be copied from elsewhere, the buildings are complex, system-driven, state-of-the-art facilities, and the Owner is looking for speed to marked in order to compete and, often, survive.

Every healthcare facility on which RPMI has provided PM services has enjoyed great success, not only in time and budget, but in flexibility, functionality, and satisfaction. RPMI has delivered every healthcare facility on budget, on time, and claims-free.

How do we accomplish this? We do the hard work up front. We know the industry and the process. We leverage our experience and make use of unique tools, such as our First Steps, our contracting approach, our consultant and contractor selection processes, and more.

RPMI’s lessons learned through its expert witness and litigation experience, and our focus on litigation avoidance are applied in RFQs and RFPs and in contracts tailored to the specific project that spell out scope, budget, schedule, and communication protocols and which are based on the strategic imperatives of the medical facility.

Throughout the development, design, and construction process, as issues arise, RPMI, by having already done the hard work, has the project controls in place to interpret any issue in relation to scope, budget and quality and assist in making the hard decisions that are necessary in any successful project.

Hard Work Up Front

This “Hard Work Up Front” is most effective the earlier it is applied. From project inception, through Master Planning and into the selection of the programmer, the design team and the contractor, applying the project plan and addressing project needs proactively invariably results in the best use of the Owner’s funds.

RPMI Owner’s Questionnaire

The RPMI Owner’s questionnaire provides our team with an understanding of your Organization, Capacity for Capital Projects, and the scope RPMI may be able to assist with.

Project Management

RPMI provides full scope project management and will tailor their project management consulting to meet the Owner’s needs. RPMI should be called in at the very beginning, when a project is first being considered…Learn More

CPM Scheduling

RPMI provides cost and resource loaded CPM schedulules and services for any size project, with over twenty-eight years of experience… Learn more

Delay Analysis

RPMI has been supplying CPM Schedule Delay Analysis and expert witnessing to contractors, owners and legal teams since 1989…Learn more

Our Full List of Services

  • RFQ / RFP / Scope preparation and evaluation
  • Site Master Planning – Team Selection & Contract Negotiation
  • A/E and Other Consultant Selection & Contract Negotiation
  • Builder Selection Process
  • Develop Budget Control Systems
  • Contract Administration
  • Recommend the optimal project delivery method for your specific project
  • Establish criteria for the selection of designers and builders
  • Assist in short-listing and final selection of designers and builders
  • Prepare and negotiate consultant and builder contracts
  • Prepare and maintain project budgets
  • Provide loan-monitoring services
  • Assist with and facilitate permitting and approvals
  • Provide on-site project representation
  • Set up project controls systems in office and on-site
  • Plan Check Consultant
  • Value Engineering
  • Document Control
  • Procurement Management of Owner Purchased Items
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • CPM Project Schedule Development
  • Ongoing Contractor Construction Schedule Oversight
  • Change Order & Time Extension Evaluation
  • Construction
  • Scope of project, planning objectives
  • Multiple projects and master schedules
  • Conceptual through detailed design
  • Phasing plans
  • Change orders
  • Delay documentation
  • Commissioning and acceptance
  • Material control – owner and contractor furnished items
  • Schedules for Furnishings, fixtures, and equipment
  • Owner / tenant occupancy
  • Set up project controls systems in office and on-site
  • Plan Check Consultant
  • Value Engineering
  • Document Control
  • Procurement Management of Owner Purchased Items
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Existing Facility Options Analysis
  • Maintenance of Budget Control Systems, Review of Pay Applications
  • Cost Estimate Review
  • Initial Contractor Construction Schedule Review
  • Teach CPM scheduling
  • Review projects for claims and litigation exposure
  • Contracts and general conditions
  • Design & construction programs
  • Project controls systems
  • Submitted schedules
  • Contract schedule and claims specifications
  • Contract time extension submittals
  • Claims for delay, compression, acceleration, extended overhead, inefficiency
  • Periodic progress payments and schedule updates
  • Change orders
  • Train users of project management software
  • Project ‘Check up’ review of project status, health, and likely outcome
  • Budget Review
  • Evaluation of Organizational Structure and Board Education
  • Cash Flow Projections