Capital Project Design and Construction Seminar

RPMI’s Founder, Ted Ritter teaches a seminar on Managing Healthcare Facility Design and Construction for the American College of Healthcare Executives every year.

We also offer a shortened version of this seminar – 1 to 3 hours to fit the needs of the Board of Directors who may be seeking an overview on what approaches are available and what may best serve their specific needs.  Learn more about RPMI’s Board Seminars.

RPMI also provides on-site seminars to organizations considering capital improvement projects. A brief outline of the seminar includes:

  • Key Areas of Focus

    • Board and Executive Team Vision
    • Establishing strategic imperatives
    • Why consider building?
  • Owner’s Role

    • What to do first?
    • What to do first?Scope? Budget? How do I know what I can afford?
    • How can I assure I get the most for my Capital dollars?
  • Owner / Project Organizational Structure

    List Content goes here

  • Teams and Committees

  • Selection of Delivery Method

    • Lump sum bid?
    • GC/CM
    • Design Build?
    • What system fits my project?
  • Implementation

    • Functional Program
    • Quality problem definition = Quality problem solution
    • Cost of design decision
    • Project controls
    • Contracts
    • Budgets and estimates
    • Schedules
    • Specifications
    • Project Administration
    • Bringing the building to life
  • Frequently overlooked and under - planned issues

  • Improvement Opportunities

  • Process envisioned by RPMI