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Full Scope Project Management

Tailored project management consulting to meet your needs. Since it’s easier to embark on a project properly than to rescue one that is out of control, RPMI should be called in at the very beginning – when a project is first being considered.

CPM Scheduling

RPMI has been scheduling complex projects for over twenty-eight years and understands how an effective, updated schedule can leverage both an owner and a contractor away from the need for litigation by  immediately identifying delays, present solutions, and predict the results of remedial efforts.

Project Management Seminars

Educate your management team through an RPMI seminar. You will learn how to use “Hard Work Up Front” to ensure your project’s success. RPMI has educators on staff who are in administration controls, project management and other roles and will develop a presentation to meet your project management needs.

Delay Analysis and Expert Witness

RPMI has been supplying CPM Schedule Delay Analysis to contractors, owners and legal teams since 1989. Because one of RPMI’s principal services is building and maintaining CPM schedules for owners, builders, and designers, delay analysis and expert witnessing are logical extensions of this service.

Learn about RPMI

Watch our video and learn more about RPMI and the ways we can help your organization use our tried and true methods for managing projects from start to finish – with success!

In addition to full scope project management services, we provide education and training for your team through seminars and courses taught by our experienced team at RPMI. You can learn more about our courses and seminars here.

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